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We're a small agency focusing on Ruby, Elixir and modern JS, we can change any of Your ideas into real product.

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We care about our project on every step, from idea through planning, development to support. We always use the best tools and technologies that currently exists to help Your idea became successul product.

Trust us and allow to help You to build another great product!

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Darryl Lau
Co-founder, Getmii

"I had worked extensively with Oskar on backend development for a native app, and we had a fantastic time!

His professionalism, technical ability and leadership, made a great impact on our ability to complete development in a very challenging timeline and to a high quality (we were featured on the front page of Product Hunt).

But what I really admire about Oskar is him sharing in our vision and passion – Oskar and his team were fully integrated with ours, and I always saw him as a member of our team. I highly recommend him!"

Matthias Jürgens
IT-Direktor (CTO) & co-founder at US

"We worked with Oskar in two large web-projects. He and his team showed amazing spirit, performance and competence. We profited a lot from their experiences in Ruby development. It's a perfect choice to work with Oskar and his team. I hope Oskar will be part of our next project as well!"

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